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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Animal Rescue

Hey everyone I have great news!!!! A month ago my family adopted a beautiful Labador Retriver from the animal rescue. She is 1 year 6months and her name is Athena. We went to the animal rescue with the intention of just seeing what kind of dogs were there. When we walked in there were so many dogs it was really sad. Some had been abused and others neglected. My 8 year old son started crying when he saw all the dogs and my eyes got watery. I can't believe how many people choose to get pets and the abandon them. Needless to say we walked by her cage and she stole our hearts to be honest if we had a big enough space we would have rescued another. The idea of these poor animals suffering is heart wrenching. It's been a month and she is adjusting well to her new surroundings, she has her full appetite, she is up to date with her vaccines, she has been groomed, she loves her chew toys & tennis balls. She has a warm bed to snuggle up in every night. She still won't sleep in her area alone. We have her space set up in the living room and if we get up to go to bedshe is right behind us it is too cute. Her little personality fits in with our family she is defitnitely a blessing on our family. I share our story because there are so many animals out there that need a home but don't take them unless you are willing to dedicate 100% of your heart to them.