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Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping your "Life Resume" Updated!!!

It is always good to keep yourself educated about different things.

Try to learn a variety of things so you can broaden your options in life. Everything you learn should get you one step ahead of the game. A person who has knowledge and a great work ethic is unstoppable.

Reading books will help increase and your vocabulary.

Trust me there is nothing worst than standing in the middle of a conversation and not knowing what the conversation is about, while trying really hard not to look confused.

A fun way to add adventure to your life is taking classes to enhance your knowledge whether it be ballroom dancing, art, writing, karate, music,computer it's solely you to you.

If you decide to volunteer in your spare time that would be great, maybe you could read to kids

                                                               At Your Local Library

          Try to do something that can change your life or the life of someone else in a positive way!

We can help each other by updating our "Life Resume" so that we can use our knowledge to help  others" -SunShyne B.

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