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Thursday, February 28, 2013

SunShyne's Morning Thought

I was sitting here eating breakfast (coffee, cinnamon roll, & an orange) while paying some bills online...yea gotta love Anyways, I turned the TV to the news and over heard them saying that the were looking to spend millions to buy ipads for every student though out 53 schools so that the children can have access to the world from there classrooms. I am confused on whether I support this decision as a parent. On one hand providing children the world at there  hands can open their minds to the many possibilities of life that they wouldn't normally get to see (unless their families could afford to vacation every Technology is amazing when put in the right hands but can also be dangerous in the wrong hands. Not to long ago it was brought to my attention that a man hacked the Emergency Broadcast System which is unbelievable but we do have people that will sit back and try to find a way to cause harm to others by hacking into the system someway somehow. Our children have to grow up at such a fast pace I see 2 year olds that know how to work a Kindle, Ipad, Iphone, etc. it's amazing to see the changes and no matter if your ready or not you have to go along with it or you will be left behind. Technology has completely taken over. If you go to fill out a job application they tell you, you gotta go online (so for those of you that don't have access to a  computer at or can't get done with your daily task before the library closes."Sorry there is nothing we can do" is basically what they will tell you.), Post Offices are closing & not delivering on the weekends because of email, text, & chat and if you call a business you will get Betty or Michael the automated voice that has replaced Tonya and Carl the real people who actually have bills to pay, only to be told "Sorry I didn't get that. Can you repeat that again?" over 10 times by Betty & Michael before you get so pissed you hangup! As much as I would love to keep going I have to start getting ready for yea my days are always full so sometimes it's hard for me to get on here everyday & share my thought but it don't mean that I forgot about "My Loyal Readers" Thanks for sticking with me.....until next time!

 p.s. feel free to share your thoughts with me,

Love always SunShyne B.




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