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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keeping your kids age appropriate

Questions parent may have when trying to keep their children age appropriate.

When is your child too old to play with toys?

What dances should a child 8-11 be allowed to do?

What is a good age to start letting your child have sleepovers?

What age should you allow your child to start doing chores?

What age should you teach your child how to cook?

What age should you allow your child to start dating?

What age do you start letting your kids venture out with their friends?

When do you start your child on a curfew?

What age should a child be when they get a cellphone?

What age should your child be allowed to go on social media sites?

There are so many more questions to ask when it comes to parenting.
The list goes on and on because when you become a parent it's a responsibility that no one is ever prepared for. Just remember to install a good foundation for your children by teaching them about respect,trust, family, love, self-control, and last but not least teach you children how to pray! -

Sunshyne B.