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Friday, March 15, 2013


I started "Can a Girl Get a Break" almost 1 year ago and I have to say it has been an honor to share my thoughts and stories with my "Loyal Readers". It is amazing to see something that started off as an idea develop into a success. I started off writing a book and ended up with a company. I want "Can a Girl Get a Break" to be a part of everyone whether its through them following my books,blog,twitter,facebook post,YouTube videos or purchasing "CGGB" merchandise. When I decided to go forward with the "CGGB" Brand I visioned many generations of people relating to everything connected to "Can a Girl Get a Break". Who in their life have never dreamed, loved, laughed,cried, or had the feeling of being overwhelmed or alone at times.We all have those mutual feelings in common especially fearing the unknown. When I started on this journey I was afraid to share my ideas with people because I was afraid of what they may have thought about "CGGB". I am glad that I didn't allow that fear to stop me because here I am almost a year later and I have 580 followers on Twitter, 207 friends on facebook, 2,724 views on my blog, 40 T-shirts sold, and 100 book sold. A lot of people may think those are small numbers but for me it shows how affective the "CGGB" movement will be once the word starts to spread a little more. I never thought I could do any of this especially being a working mom,wife,and student. Although it has been hard at times to manage my time day to day I will continue to stay dedicated to my "Loyal Readers" and give them something to look forward to through my work. I will be forever grateful for all the love and support I received from family, friends, and my "Loyal Readers".  Let's keep "CGGB" growing! Please share what you know about "Can a Girl Get a Break" with you friends, family, and associates. As a Licensed Cosmetologist I have learned that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertisement. I am confident that as time goes on "Can a Girl Get a Break" will come full circle and will no longer be just a dream but a great reality! Thank you once again for your love and support! Please continue to follow me on my journey. -SunShyne B.

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