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Friday, May 30, 2014


By SunShyne B.

When things seem to be falling apart right in front of my face... still I have Faith;
At times I feel like its all just a waste but still I have Faith,
I have Faith that I will get through any and everything that comes my way;
I want to give up I want to cry but I know that won't change a thing; my Faith is the only thing that
will allow me to press on if the lord allows me to see another day;
I want to scream I want to shout but if I'm a believer what's all that about?
At times I feel angry; at times I feel sad but still I have Faith that my life isn't all bad;
I don't believe my life is in vain and only through Faith can I escape this pain;
My heart gets heavy my body gets weak yet I still must believe;
One day this pain will be gone then I can look back and say "Never not ever did I give up on my FAITH".

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Looking for a good movie???

Just watched the trail for this AWESOME movie coming to theaters June 20th can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!! 

click on link to view:

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Thursday, May 22, 2014



I wish I could spend more time with my kids,

 I wish I can continue to have this Great relationship with GOD,

I wish that we could all see what we mean to one another,

I wish that we could love each other,

I wish our girls can come back home,

I wish all these wars would end,

 I wish that all nationalities could get along,

I wish that everyone believed in God,

I wish that everyone could have their own piece of land,

I wish that children could have happy childhoods,

I wish that everyone was healthy,

I wish that racism would go away,

I wish that there was enough food for everyone,

I wish that there was no alcoholism or drug abuse,

I wish there were no ignorant people here on earth,

I wish people cookout more,

 I wish music turns good again like in the late 80's-early 2000's ,

I wish Stephen King would make movies again; its hard to find a good scary movie,

I wish the real TWINKIE and PECAN ROLLS come back,

I wish I could travel anywhere I want,

I wish someone would pay for me to go back to school,

I wish that everyone was at peace

I wish my children grow up to be the best men they can be!

I wish I can be more involved in our community

I wish to one day see "Can a Girl Get a Break" become a movie

I wish to one day have my sisters and brothers next to me

My list could go on and on but I will stop it here some times it's good to make a wish list to see if you have a balance of healthy selfishness it's GREAT to think about others but you must think about yourself as well. So from time to time I will sit and make a list of all my wishes and see if I have a balance.....FUN ACTIVITY: Don't think about it just type or write the wishes as they come to mind then go back and read it and see if you have a healthy balance! Just a fun activity that I wanted to share with you guys...hope it can help you in the way that it has helped me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


For years I tried to do things because people made fun of who I was...told me I was too good, too quiet, not social and I have also been told I act like a white girl...well I say to you that sit back and judge me; THANK YOU for seeing all the those awesome things in me that I didn't see at the being a good person is what God wanted from me this whole time, me being quiet gave me plenty of time to sit back and observe the world so that I can make the right decisions for MY not being a social butterfly has allowed me to avoid FAKE ASS DRAMA FILLED PEOPLE AND KEPT ME OUT OF JAIL and lastly me acting like a "white girl" as some call it was me opening my mind to endless possibilities; I didn't limit myself to what a African American girl/woman should be like, I didn't allow myself to become another statistic or stereotype I made my own destiny. while it hurt my feeling before and made me want to change to fit in; I am actually glad I have all those qualities because I know I will always be OK no matter what as long as I keep putting me & my family first and block out all negativity from my life; I don't think I am better than the next person but I do believe me and my little family deserve to live the best life we possibly can...#NO #REGRETS because I can look back at my life and say I have achieved all my goals through the grace of GOD and I am who he made me to be!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


As mothers we have an amazing strength. We are the super heros, we are the nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, councilors, therapist, friends, enemies, accountants and even most of the time preachers! We fight a tought battle everyday with blood, sweat, tears and unconditional love; its amazing how we are looked down on as women yet we hold all everything together! Our strength and courage is built from the best creator ever so never forget that ladies...even when we are wore down God still gives us the strength to press on! Mother's all around the world sacrifice on a daily basis and its nice for people to take time to recognize what we do and how hard it really is to be somebody's

Sunday, May 4, 2014


What seems like a "Dream" can one day become a reality all you have to do is have ambition and determination no matter what the next person says. People will always try to find a way to be little you; just stay focused on your goals and not the negativity! I believe whole heartedly that what is meant to be will be no matter what obstacles come your way. Stay strong and you will start to see the changes just continue to put your all into your future; because if you don't nobody else will!!!! #ambition #motivation #determination #success

-SunShyne B