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Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Video by SunShyne B.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Are you HONEST with your children?

Good Morning,

The other day my 10 year old son asked me what a yeast infection was, so I explained it to him and let's just say he regreted Gotta LOVE those Monistat 7 commercials at 6am.

I believe in keeping it honest with my children because I don't want them growing up with a false sense of what the world is really like.

Some people disagree with my parenting saying that I am taking the innocence away from them but I disagree. I don't want my children thinking babies come from a STORK I need them to understand that babies come from 2 people having sex. 

However I do believe in letting them enjoy their childhood so I did tell them about the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause & the Tooth Fairy but once they started getting suspicious and asking questions I simply explained that it is a tradition that families pass on generation to generation to make their childhood fun! I also explained to them the real reason Christmas is celebrated and that it isn't just about getting gifts and you know what they seemed to understand that more than a Jolly fat guy breaking into our house at night to leave gifts.

I feel that at times we underestimate our children, we forget they are just little versions of us! I believe being honest with them will not set them up for failure or lead them to look at us as liars as they start learning life lessons; instead they can say well mom & dad did say that.

There are times when they question what we are telling them but in that case I just tell them TIME will show you! 

I can't tell anyone how to parent their child because each situation is different but I can speak from expirence when I say it's not fun growing up and realizing a lot of stuff you were told was just made up because adults found it too hard to explain the truth. 

Some people fear telling their children about how they were as kids or teens in some false hope that they will turn out better; well sorry to burst your bubble but the truth of the matter is you share the same DNA so even if you hide it they will eventually show your traits and wonder why they act and feel the way they do. I feel it will cause more harm for a child to feel isolated and misunderstood when the whole time you could have just been honest and said you know what at that age I acted the same way; at least they will feel connected to you in some way and understand that they are not just a screw up. We all try to figure out why we are the way we are and we all feel better when we know there is someone else out there that is like us and there is no stronger similarity than with a parent & child. So please think about telling them the truth the next time they come to you because they may already know the answer yet they are testing you to see if you will be honest to them the way you PREACH for them to be honest with you.

I was once asked "But what if they throw it back in your face" well at the end of the day I don't regret anything about my life because it made me the woman I am today, so if they chose to throw things in my face im sure it will hurt but at least I know I was always HONEST with them. I would rather them throw my truth at me than to be disappointed and upset because they felt everthing I ever told them was a lie.

We all know that the truth eventually comes out it's just better if they hear it from YOU!

Always Keeping it Real- SunShyne B.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello Fellow Bloggers,


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Monday, February 2, 2015

MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!

Our Babies

Parents we need to know & understand the pain we afflict on our children! The not loving them, the mental, emotional & physical abuse affects them. The not telling them you love them affects them. 

The neglect it affects them. The sexual abuse it affects them. The drug abuse it affects them. The not hugging them affects them. Not praising them when they do good affects them. The constantly putting them down affects them. 

Understand that we have a responsibility when we choose to have children especially when they don't ask to be here! Nobody has to have children it is a choice you make & a beautiful gift from God so why would you want to ruin such a beautiful gift?????

 To all the children out there know that you are loved by SunShyne B. 

Please love your children unconditionally and encourage them to be the best they can be; stop taking your anger & frustrations out on these poor innocent babies & making them hate themselves!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tis The Season

While we are enjoying our family festivities this holiday season; let us not forget to teach our families what this time of year is really and truly all about. It's about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hints why it is called Christmas. Open your bibles and read them to your families whether they want to hear it or not! It doesn't take much to read a scripture or two. We do a poor job these days teaching our families about God because so many people have shied away from belief. I downloaded the Bible app to my phone last year and it has been GREAT. I will admit when it came to the bible I never knew exactly where to go to find certain things unless I had a learning bible; so I was a little discouraged but then I discovered the Bible app once I got a newer phone. I think this app is great because it suggest plans to read and for this holiday season I am reading "Joy To The World: 24 days of Christmas" to my family. We started it on December 1st and will go until Christmas Day. My children are learning so much and they now understand more that Christmas is not all about getting expensive material things and they understand the miracle of baby Jesus and Gods blessings. So give your family gifts this holiday season but also give them the true understanding of Christmas; this will definitely save your pockets and bring your families closer together. See it's the free GIFT that keeps on giving! Enjoy your Holiday Season....