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Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello Fellow Bloggers,


Looking to get some of you to write a REVIEW about our SCENTED CANDLES so I am offering a FREE "Can a Girl Get a Break" Scented Candle of your choice to anyone who accepts my offer! All you have to do is email me @ if you are interested in reviewing our product. I will provide you with a Coupon Code that will allow you to order your candle from our website there will be a shipping & handling fee that has to be paid but that is a low cost of $1.50 SERIOUS inquires ONLY!!!!!

Join Our Book Club!




 Our first Book Club meeting was great! We read the first 2 chapters of "Can a Girl Get a Break" by SunShyne B. after we were done we had an open discussion. I have to admit there were a few hiccups considering this was my first time hosting/setting up a Virtual Book club but once everyone was on the same page it was good! I set up the book club as a way to get back into reading and what better way than to do it with other people; figured it would be a cool way to stay motivated, share opinions and ask questions. Having people register and sign in to join our book club and also having our own website available for open discussion is a plus because it adds PRIVACY instead of posting comments and questions to a public social media site; this allows us to really open up and get personal with our discussions so that we feel like a FAMILY and not just a GROUP! To join the book club all you have to do is REGISTER at it is a simple process and ALL are welcomed. Our next meeting will be held Sunday March 1, 2015 @7:00pm. To order your paperback copy of Can a Girl Get a Break visit or also available as EBOOK through Amazon. I hope to see more people joining us soon; the meetings are held every other Sunday which gives time for people to order books or catch up on any chapters they may have missed. Please come ready to open up and have fun!!!!! If you can't join for some reason please don't hesitate to share our Book Club with someone you thing would enjoy something like this!!!!




Monday, February 2, 2015

MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!

Our Babies

Parents we need to know & understand the pain we afflict on our children! The not loving them, the mental, emotional & physical abuse affects them. The not telling them you love them affects them. 

The neglect it affects them. The sexual abuse it affects them. The drug abuse it affects them. The not hugging them affects them. Not praising them when they do good affects them. The constantly putting them down affects them. 

Understand that we have a responsibility when we choose to have children especially when they don't ask to be here! Nobody has to have children it is a choice you make & a beautiful gift from God so why would you want to ruin such a beautiful gift?????

 To all the children out there know that you are loved by SunShyne B. 

Please love your children unconditionally and encourage them to be the best they can be; stop taking your anger & frustrations out on these poor innocent babies & making them hate themselves!