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Friday, February 28, 2014

Morning Thought

Some times we are overly consumed with negativity.  We have to remember that in order to have peace in our lives we must surround ourselves with peaceful things include what we watch on TV or listen to on the radio. Our lives may not have too much drama but if you watch enough of it on TV it can affect your thinking. I remember being a stay at home mom when my kids were younger and my husband would be at work and I would be watching day time talk shows and soap operas and next thing you know I was accusing him of cheating and all kind of craziness and it caused serious So I decided to change what I watched during the day and it got better. So remember our minds are sponges and also the devil's playground so please be aware of what you allow to get in your head because it reflects in your behavior.

-SunShyne B

Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 seconds of courage

Good Morning "Loyal Readers" I have always been told that to be successful all it takes is "20 seconds of courage"; and you know what I find that to be extremely true! The other day I went Downtown/Uptown Charlotte because it was the first day of the CIAA tournament; I felt it would be a great time to get my name out in the streets, so I passed out my books, tshirts and business cards. At first I almost let my nerves get the best of me and went back home but I had to tell myself repeatedly that "all it takes is 20 seconds". Finally I found a parking spot, took a deep breath, said a prayer "Lord use me in the way you want; I am yours to use" then I grabbed my stuff and headed for the streets. I headed to the Time Warner Arena with my 9 year old son by my side and set up. When I looked at my son I felt better. I knew I had to put on my "big girl panties" and show him how to get pass your fears and go after what you want in life. I looked around and as I saw people approaching me, my thoughts raced in my head on how I would approach them. I have to say the first one came off a bit shaky but it was still successful. I was a bit disappointed with myself so I went in on myself like "girl you know you got something great that people need to see and hear because it will help people feel good; you got this now stop being a succka and get it together". And lets just say everything was Awesome from there; I was talking to people, laughing, taking pictures, and just having a good time. I just needed to remind myself why I was doing it, also to let loose and have fun. I love writing and being creative and I will not let fear stand in my way. All it takes is 20 seconds of courage and your DREAMS can come true! That was just a stepping stone for me. Each time I put myself out there it will build my courage and make me stronger. Rejection is never easy but remember you can learn from it and it is vital for your growth. I am truly glad and proud of myself for stepping out of my shell.

-SunShyne B

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tyler's Story

Hello "Loyal Readers",

Not to long ago I had the honor of meeting a young man that was paralyzed from the waist down due to a sports injury. I had the honor of cutting Tyler's hair when he came into the salon in which I work. Tyler's mom started telling me about how they were on their way to breakfast at Tyler's favorite restaurant which he hadn't been to since his injury; when they arrived at the location they realized that there was no wheelchair ramp so his mom went to speak to the owner and all that was said was that by law they didn't have to have a wheelchair ramp if they were built before a certain year. I was completely SHOCKED and DISGUSTED at the same time. First thing first; it is his favorite restaurant and they wouldn't even accommodate him. Secondly that was a lame excuse not to have a wheelchair ramp available. Just because it isn't against the law it still doesn't make it right! What about your loyal dedicated customers. All in all Tyler and his mother had to find somewhere else to have their breakfast. Because it was brought to my attention I wanted to spread Tyler' Story around to bring awareness to this situation because nobody should be turned around because they are wheelchair bound.