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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nightly Thought

Sitting here thinking about how bad and messed up we treat one another; and you know what it is RIDICULOUS and STUPID. The senseless killing, bullying, torturing,  cheating, lying, deceiving and just flat out wrong doings are what is ruining our COUNTRY. We are all considered to be brothers and sisters yet we treat each other horribly over little petty things. I for one am tired of all the negativity. The senseless murders, suicides, rapes, and child abandonment, damn it should be enough for people to want to stand up and act better; but there seems to be no regaurd for our lives any more. We all need the same things to survive yet somehow we think we are better than one another; when the truth of the matter is we are all the same. We all need our hearts to live and love; so embrace your heart and open your heart to your brothers and sisters. If they break your heart; just know that God is the glue that can put it all back together!

  -SunShyne B