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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holiday Season Family Time

I miss the times when families actually got together for the holidays! Everything was closed so you really got good quality family time on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I remember us opening our gifts Christmas morning then waiting for our cousins to come over so we could play with all our stuff together. We are in the time of MONEY!!! Where MONEY is the first priority and not family. I hear people say all the time "I can't go see my family for the holidays because it's too expensive or because they have to work the next day". Businesses are so afraid of taking a hit that they completely disregard family values. People want to know why things are so different these day it's because our UNITY as families and as a country is gone! I try to install as many good family values into my children so that they understand that family is first because at the end of the day if you loose your job, or your health start fading it's your family that you will lean on for support not your job because they will replace you and think no more about it because in their eyes there company comes first not you and your family. So please keep that in mind this holiday season and enjoy a little family time because it sure doesn't come around often. May you all have a safe and blessed holiday season! More Holiday recipes coming soon!!!!!!