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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Living in a state that is filled with people that have migrated from different areas of the world a.k.a. "The Transplants" have taught me a lot; but the things that stick out to me the most are Accents, Food, Holidays and Driving! Yes I said 

1. Every place has it's own lingo and so does every area of the region. I get it all the time people say "hey where are you from?" When I reply Boston. They usually say "you don't sound like your from Boston" so in return I say "what does a person from Boston sound like" Then I get the whole "PAK YA KHA" thing.... translation:" Park your car" and it drives me crazy because not everyone from Boston has the same accent and most people that claim they are from Boston really live in the suburbs not in the inner city. So I believe when it comes to an individuals accent it depends on where they were raised and who raised them. 

2. Food is completely different depending on what you are use too, sometimes its even hard to find certain spices and ingredients that I am use to cooking with because the demographics here isn't large. White, Black and Mexican dominate my area so the spices I would normally use to make a West Indian dish are not available.

3. People celebrate holidays differently! In some parts of the world the make a big fuss over the holidays but in some cases people don't acknowledge holidays at all.

4. People's driving skills are different and I am noticing NO MIDDLE FINGERS or HONKING so that will keep you out of trouble.

Don't be afraid to take a chance and relocate just know that these 4 things are going to vary depending on where you go but they will always determine how well you adapt to your new surroundings!