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Sunday, October 12, 2014


   October 24, 2014 Quiana and her family are back in the new book "Can a Girl Get a Break 2".
This family was first introduced 2 years ago and people immediately fell in love. Their journey continues as they try to deal with Life's Lessons and still keep a tight family bond. Ms. Sasha a single mother of 5 children living in the tough neighborhoods of Boston, MA struggling to keep her children on the right track in the drug infested, violent and corrupt town of  Dorchester. Monique her oldest being 15 years old gave birth to a baby girl at the tender age of 14 and is struggling to find a balance between being a loving responsible mom and just being a kid herself. The story is being told through the eyes of 14 year old Quiana the second born and she brings us on this journey as she tries to understand why life is so complicated. Her confusion and eagerness to understand life is relate able to us all. This book series is packed with lots of excitement and drama! It will make you laugh, cry, surprised and think about some things. If you haven't started on this journey you are missing out! So order your copy of the book that introduced us to it all "Can a Girl Get a Break" so you can follow this family through the years trust me it will help you realize that their is someone else out there that is going through something similar to you. To order your copy of "Can a Girl Get a Break" or to pre-order "Can a Girl Get a Break 2" please visit