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Friday, October 17, 2014

It's OK to let it go!

On a daily basis I talk to people that are stressed out and frustrated over other people's issues. I am guilty of doing this myself. The way I am learning to see it is; if we care enough about our loved ones to carry their stress why shouldn't they care enough to act right! Well that is because we can not control other people and their actions; as people we only know to do the thing that are installed in us over the years; so we tend gravitate towards habits we pick up along the way. Life is a learning experience for us all and everyone learns in a different way and at a different pace; you can not force someone to live the way you want them too. It is not fair to get upset at someone because you chose to make their burden your own. Some times we think we are helping people by telling them how they should live their lives, but in all reality we are pushing them further away. Nobody wants to be told how they should live their life; especially when they are probably just getting by on THEIR best. Life is already a heavy load and when you start piling up other people's burdens on your shoulders you begin to weaken and before you know it; your world comes tumbling down! I have carried the stress of people before and I ended up missing out on a lot; I couldn't even recognize my own happiness. There is nothing wrong with helping people or being a shoulder to cry on but once that conversation is over, you need to drop down and give it to God; that way it is not your worry. We all have issues that we deal with and will need a vent person but what good are they to us if they are so stressed and weak from all the burdens they carry around. Learning how to let go of the burden doesn't mean you don't love them; it just means that you are growing and allowing yourself to enjoy life. So take a deep breath and let it go!