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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


For years I tried to do things because people made fun of who I was...told me I was too good, too quiet, not social and I have also been told I act like a white girl...well I say to you that sit back and judge me; THANK YOU for seeing all the those awesome things in me that I didn't see at the being a good person is what God wanted from me this whole time, me being quiet gave me plenty of time to sit back and observe the world so that I can make the right decisions for MY not being a social butterfly has allowed me to avoid FAKE ASS DRAMA FILLED PEOPLE AND KEPT ME OUT OF JAIL and lastly me acting like a "white girl" as some call it was me opening my mind to endless possibilities; I didn't limit myself to what a African American girl/woman should be like, I didn't allow myself to become another statistic or stereotype I made my own destiny. while it hurt my feeling before and made me want to change to fit in; I am actually glad I have all those qualities because I know I will always be OK no matter what as long as I keep putting me & my family first and block out all negativity from my life; I don't think I am better than the next person but I do believe me and my little family deserve to live the best life we possibly can...#NO #REGRETS because I can look back at my life and say I have achieved all my goals through the grace of GOD and I am who he made me to be!!!!!