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Friday, May 30, 2014


By SunShyne B.

When things seem to be falling apart right in front of my face... still I have Faith;
At times I feel like its all just a waste but still I have Faith,
I have Faith that I will get through any and everything that comes my way;
I want to give up I want to cry but I know that won't change a thing; my Faith is the only thing that
will allow me to press on if the lord allows me to see another day;
I want to scream I want to shout but if I'm a believer what's all that about?
At times I feel angry; at times I feel sad but still I have Faith that my life isn't all bad;
I don't believe my life is in vain and only through Faith can I escape this pain;
My heart gets heavy my body gets weak yet I still must believe;
One day this pain will be gone then I can look back and say "Never not ever did I give up on my FAITH".