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Monday, February 24, 2014

Tyler's Story

Hello "Loyal Readers",

Not to long ago I had the honor of meeting a young man that was paralyzed from the waist down due to a sports injury. I had the honor of cutting Tyler's hair when he came into the salon in which I work. Tyler's mom started telling me about how they were on their way to breakfast at Tyler's favorite restaurant which he hadn't been to since his injury; when they arrived at the location they realized that there was no wheelchair ramp so his mom went to speak to the owner and all that was said was that by law they didn't have to have a wheelchair ramp if they were built before a certain year. I was completely SHOCKED and DISGUSTED at the same time. First thing first; it is his favorite restaurant and they wouldn't even accommodate him. Secondly that was a lame excuse not to have a wheelchair ramp available. Just because it isn't against the law it still doesn't make it right! What about your loyal dedicated customers. All in all Tyler and his mother had to find somewhere else to have their breakfast. Because it was brought to my attention I wanted to spread Tyler' Story around to bring awareness to this situation because nobody should be turned around because they are wheelchair bound.