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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What to do when your kids won't let you in?

Everyday kids are put in situations some they are able to handle and others they are not ready to handle. As parents we try to be there for our children but what do you do when they don't let you into their world. I try talking to my children everyday to see what is going on in their lives and at times I notice that they are hesitant to open up so instead of hounding them about what is wrong I switch it to why it is important to share their feelings with a loved one. Example: I had a friend whose daughter was sneaking around with boys but nobody knew who these boys were or where they lived so when I spoke to her I didn't yell or force her for answers I simply told her that "we all loved her and wanted what is best for her and that if one of those boys ever did anything to hurt her we need to know who to go after" and she was like I never thought about that. See they want to be grow ups but they don't think of the total situation they only think about getting what they want when they want it and part of being an adult is having to take other peoples feelings into consideration, understanding that your actions do affect others, and last but not least learning responsibility. I pray that we as parents can continue to form a bond with our children so that they feel comfortable telling us whatever they may be going through, and I pray that our children learn to stop treating us like outsiders because it would make their lives a little easier if they understand all we want is what is best for them.