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Friday, May 4, 2012

"Can a Girl Get a Break!!!!" SAMPLE:
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“October 29, 2011 we were scheduled to get hit with a bullshit snow storm; my alarm went off at 7am I laid there staring out the window for a moment before I got out of bed. I liked to take in the fresh air of the early morning that is the only time of the day that seems perfect to me. The sun was popping up from behind the trees, but just enough to add a beautiful pinkish purple tint to the sky; the birds were chirping and the only other sound was that of a newspaper hitting the sidewalk; I rolled over and grabbed my robe then headed to the shower. The phone rung as I was getting out I race to pick it up when I looked at the screen it was this guy named Jason that I have been messing around with. He is 6’2, physically fit, and fine! Most of all he knew how to work my “girl” I didn’t pick up because I knew he wanted to come over for a little “breakfast” if you know what I mean, he is a sweetie but I can’t let him get too close so soon it has only been 2 months”.

                                                          -SunShyne B.

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