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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can a Girl Get a Break Official Press Release!!!!

Can a Girl Get a Break? New Book from SunShyne B. Poised to Become Timeless Lesson for Generations of Women.

Inspired by that ever pressing ‘Can a girl get a break?’ question, SunShyne B’s debut novel is set to keep girls and women on life’s unpredictable straight and narrow.


Sunshyne B.

For Immediate Release

Springfield, MA – Can a girl get a break? – It’s the question that every girl and woman asks herself daily. From the luring dark roads of youth to the demands and stresses of adult life – the world is a minefield of unpredictability for the fairer sex.

Packaging it all up into a 4 book series and releasing it to the masses is Massachusetts native Sunshyne B. – a woman set to become a figure of saving graces for generations to come.

Can a Girl Get a break asks the infamous question on behalf of women everywhere. Essentially, the book is a self-motivation guide that all women can relate to when times get tough. Told through the eyes of a young woman who is looking to find her own way through life’s many lessons, the book showcases her lonesome journey to the realization that success will only come with the support of her family.

“As an Author I feel it is important to be able to connect generations of readers together regardless of ethnicity or lifestyle” says SunShyne, who has previously written for a myriad of titles including HotStepz Online Magazine and Dorchester Community Newspaper.

She continues, “It has always been a goal of mine to create a book that people can relate to and use as a guide to help them get through tough times. I have witnessed “Can a Girl Get a Break” bringing mothers and daughters closer, the book is an easy read therefore appeals to teens as well as adults.”

Discussing the wider appeal of her book, SunShyne is confident that the book is going to become an important cornerstone in years to come.

“People will be able to relate to the characters in “Can a Girl Get a Break” because everyone goes through tough times in life and start feeling like they are alone or that nobody understands their situation and sometimes that feeling of hurt and emptiness can push us to make bad decisions in our lives” she adds.

The book has become an instant hit with people from a wide range of financial, ethnical and spiritual backgrounds. Those who want assurance that someone else out there understands and shares their problems are turning to the book to learn that all women have a lot in common.

“I want people to know that they can see past the nonsense, cut through the hardships and make both themselves and their lives a roaring success” SunShyne concludes.

Can a Girl Get a Break? is on sale now, available through CreateSpace and Amazon.

The book’s official website can be found here:

About The Author

Born in Helena, AR raised in Boston, MA

Married; Mother of two

Enjoys being around family and friends

Writing is my favorite form of communication and although I knew I had a gift that could be used to encourage people I let my fears of what people might think of my work hold me back for years. It wasn’t until I had children of my own and had to build up their confidence so they believed in themselves; did I realize I wasn’t practicing what I preached so I decided to start writing again. The passion that I have for anything in this life comes from God, my wonderful husband, and children so I owe everything to them for their patience, support, and for believing in me.