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Friday, December 5, 2014

Tis The Season

While we are enjoying our family festivities this holiday season; let us not forget to teach our families what this time of year is really and truly all about. It's about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hints why it is called Christmas. Open your bibles and read them to your families whether they want to hear it or not! It doesn't take much to read a scripture or two. We do a poor job these days teaching our families about God because so many people have shied away from belief. I downloaded the Bible app to my phone last year and it has been GREAT. I will admit when it came to the bible I never knew exactly where to go to find certain things unless I had a learning bible; so I was a little discouraged but then I discovered the Bible app once I got a newer phone. I think this app is great because it suggest plans to read and for this holiday season I am reading "Joy To The World: 24 days of Christmas" to my family. We started it on December 1st and will go until Christmas Day. My children are learning so much and they now understand more that Christmas is not all about getting expensive material things and they understand the miracle of baby Jesus and Gods blessings. So give your family gifts this holiday season but also give them the true understanding of Christmas; this will definitely save your pockets and bring your families closer together. See it's the free GIFT that keeps on giving! Enjoy your Holiday Season....