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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Can a Girl Get a Break (Homeownership is a few steps away)

The past few months have been amazing! I recently became a first time home owner, I must say it's the best feeling ever to give your children a place they can call home. A lot of people think that becoming a homeowner is out of the question because of bad credit. The truth of the matter is if you are dealing with a great real estate company they will help you reach that goal. Our realtor walked us through everything step by step including the debt that we needed to clear up to make our credit score jump up to be approved for a loan. They even told us how much our credit cards need to be at to make sure our credit score wouldn't drop. Not only do you have to have a great realtor you must do your part too. It took us 2 months from the time we did the first consultation to the day we moved into our home. Your realtor should be there to work for you. You must be careful because there are 2 types of Realtors one being a sellers realtor & the other being a buyers realtor & it is just as it sounds. When buying a home you want to work with a buyer's realtor because they are going to make sure they have the buyer's best interest in mind when looking for homes. A seller's realtor will have the best interest of the seller in mind when showing a home. You have to make sure you do your homework so you can do what's best for you & your family. We have been in our home for 2 weeks now & it's great. Just make sure when they do the inspection they inspect everything so that it don't become your problem. Hopefully this little information will be helpful to you on your journey to becoming a homeowner yourself. Make sure to get your free credit report every year and pay off any debts that you can NO MORE EXCUSES unless you want to keep paying someone else's mortgage for the rest of your life with nothing to show for it!!!!! Always keeping it real -SunShyne B.