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Monday, December 10, 2012


Today I saw the sickest thing I ever saw on the Internet. There is a video floating around that shows two grown women encouraging a young kid that looks no older than 3 years old to do sexual moves on them and although this child had on a diaper to me it still was very inappropriate. These women were cheering him on, laughing, moaning, and coaching him to do things no child should do. I am not sure where this video started or why parents would do that to their child. If I knew how to report it I would. I hope and pray these women be brought to justice. People must understand that there are other forms of child abuse besides hitting and that is sexual, mental, and emotional abuse they are inflicting on this poor child. Where the Heck is the Department of Children and Family when you need them. I hope and pray that adults start taking more responsibility for their actions when it comes to what they install in their children. How can anyone think this is funny, cute, or acceptable. Technology should not be used to harm people or to expose our youth to inappropriate behavior. I can not believe that with all the technology we have a video like that would even make it on websites. There use to be restrictions on videos you can post on social media website but I guess not anymore! Its sad because our kids will never have a chance at innocence as long as their are cruel people in this world that will continue to steal it away from them. I just pray that things will change soon because our future depends on our youth and if they are continuously put in harms way by being mentally, physically,emotionally, and sexually abused then we will not have a future. They will be too afraid to live life and I am not just talking out of my ass I am speaking from experience I was one of those children and it lead to a pattern of self destruction and it takes a lot of praying, counseling, and time to try to heal from that type of abuse but in all reality you never get over it you just learn to take it one day at a time. Once your trust is gone its hard to get it back 100% so the people that want to love and treat you right don't get 100% of the person you are because that innocence has been taken away! God Bless the people that have to live with these memories although its sad just know that you are not alone in your struggle and that it is possible to find and surround yourself with people that wouldn't cause you such pain.