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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Tomorrow try a few new things:

Say Good Morning to everyone in your household.

Hold the door for someone without expecting a "Thank You" in return

Smile at someone!

Tell someone something Nice about them!

Help someone find something if they ask you don't just reply "I don't Know"

If someone is on the corner asking for spare change "offer them a meal instead" however you feel comfortable giving it to them.

If you are hungry try eating something Healthy!

If you smoke try to cut back!

If you drink a lot of alcohol try drinking just a beer.

If you don't like to cook "Try to cook something simple" especially if you own a CROCK POT (USE IT)!!!

These are just a few examples of doing something out of the Ordinary that will make a huge difference in your lives!!!

-SunShyne B.