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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sample Chapter: "Can a Girl Get a Break"



The next morning De’sia woke me up by shaking her bottle of milk on my face and giggling. “Oh you are so luck I love you”! I sat up yawned, stretched, looked around then grabbed De’sia so I could change her pamper.  The sun was just coming up and Michael was up getting ready for his first game, Ma was still sleep and Mo was still nowhere to be found.

Michael, do you know where Mo went she hasn’t been here all night the baby was crying so I had to get up and take care of her.

 Nope, haven’t seen her! Qui, you coming to my game right!

 Of Course fool, I wouldn’t miss it don’t be mad if Mo don’t show up and I have to bring De’sia.

It’s cool, she just better show up before Ma wake up. Mo is really pressing her luck.

I know, Michael it’s like she had De’sia but we are her parents I love my niece but I’m getting tired of this shit.

All of a sudden there was a tap on the kitchen window, I walked over to find Mo’ standing on the stairs I thought about leaving her ass out there but I opened the door.

 Mo’ where the hell you been all night De’sia woke up crying and I had to get her so she wouldn’t wake up Ma. I’m tired of covering for you, you always say you aren’t going to leave her anymore then you walk out. You should have told us, but instead it’s like you force us to watch your child.

Qui, calm the fuck down!


I said calm the fuck down, stop getting loud before you wake up Ma.

Bitch, I’ll calm down when you start being a good mother to your daughter and stop leaving her every twenty minutes.

Qui, you better shut up now!

If I don’t what are you going to do? I’m tired of staying shut, nothing ever get done when you do shit! We got things we want and have to do but can’t because you’re always leaving De’sia. Tell me what is so important that you leave your baby; Ma never left any of us.

Qui, you have no idea how it is to have someone stuck to you 24/7.

Yes I do, Thanks to you and she is your daughter NOT MINE!  

Quiana, I know that but sometimes I just need a BREAK! 

Then why can’t you just ask? Why be slick about it, then it just looks like your trying to shit on us like screw them they don’t have shit to do.

Damn it’s not even like that! Qui, why you making such a big deal about it, what you got your period or something?

-SunShyne B.