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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Afternoon Thought

Its amazing to see your children growing up right before your face. They have so many standards to live up to and that is scary and  confusing for them. We put a lot of pressure on our children to "be all they can" because we want the best for them, but when they reach a certain age we sometimes have to step back and trust that we installed good qualities in them. They want to know that we believe in them, of course they are going to make mistakes as did we, but that is the only way they can learn how to become who they are. Constant Communication is vital! I talk to my children at multiple times during the day just to check in and see where their mind is, when they feel like you care they will open up more. We think they know how we feel because we are their parents, unfortunately because of our daily tasks in life we often forget to express our love through action. Find time to spend with your children no matter how old they get install in them the importance of FAMILY!!!! 

-SunShyne B.

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