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Thursday, November 1, 2012


I write my blogs in the hopes of helping someone who is struggling through life's decision, lessons, and situations. I want the people reading my blogs to connect with what I am writing in a personal way. I am not just writing a blog just to write, I will never write anything I feel is not true. Me writing my blog is a way to express myself and my inner thoughts knowing that there are people out there that are looking forward to reading my blogs daily and over the past few weeks I have not been as dedicated to writing as I should be. I too have moment of weakness and discouragement but with my faith I will always raise again and so can you. I know a lot of you don't know me personal but by reading my blogs you know my heart and my love for this thing we call life and although my life is not perfect it is mine and I choose to make the most of it and I hope in some way my blogs have encouraged you too.  -SunShyne B.