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Thursday, August 2, 2012


As a "Mommy" your strength is always being tested, last week I was battling a very painful virus it was accompanied by vomiting,diarreah, muscle aches, headache,stuffy nose, sore throat, chest congestion, shortness of breath, and a fever of 103.3 I was like this for 1 week and 4 dasys, once I went to the ER they gave me an IV, pain meds, and meds to keep me from vomiting then I was discharged, I went home and 3 days later was back in the ER with the same symptoms but this time my breathing was terrible can you imagine being this way and trying to take care of two children and a household it is OVERWHELMING!!!!! But I couldn't show any signs of weakness because everyone needed me to cook, clean, and just be "Mommy". To top it all off now my children are The oldest is battling the same Gastrointestinal Virus plus an Upper Restpitory Infection with a fever and my youngest has "CROUP" which is a viral infection that affects his breathing, I took them both to the ER today to get treatment and then they both have appointments with their regular pediatricians tomorrow it is amazing how as a "Mommy" it is easy to mask our sickness to make sure our babies are well taken care of first. While the Nurses and Dr's were treating them they kept looking at me like MOM you don't look or sound to good you need to take care of yourself and all I can think is "I KNOW but When"? It is true we need to take care of ourselves so that we can be there for our families 100% and it seems if we are not 100% the household falls apart. To all the "MOMMIES" out there I commend you on your strength for it is not easy to go on day to day as we do and wear our CAPES and Mask with the sense of knowing we will never get the break we so much deserve because we will always put others first. Remember, it is all worth it in the end and what doesn't kill you should only make you stronger!!!!! Keep Fighting those battles :) -SunShyne B.

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